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The client

Our client is a financial services provider firm from Budapest. They offer VAT management services to foreign companies that are operating in Hungary. The firm reached out to us because they needed a new web application that will help them manage value-added tax returns for their own clientele.

The project

The project involved the development of a new MVP (minimum viable product) web application, which will evolve into a full-fledged software product through future iterations. The client wanted to complete the MVP as fast as possible in order to start collecting early user feedback on the market. The team for this project included two full-stack web developers, two QA people and a project coordinator.

Technologies used

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The solution

We released the first live version in just two months. The application’s main features include automatic categorization of invoices, applicable to the relevant VAT period by type, and calculating index numbers for each type separately. The added invoice mapping feature also allows users to “translate” the categories of foreign invoices to their Hungarian equivalent.

Client growth

By automating these processes with the help of a web application, our client is able to greatly improve work efficiency and scale their business much faster. Our client is still in the process of collecting early user feedback. Using this valuable information, they will be able to build a finished product through future iterations that meets the needs of their customers perfectly.

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