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The client

The client is a chain of clothing repair shops from Budapest called RuhaDoki. They offer a variety of services including: creating costume dresses, repairing and adjusting new or used clothes. ​ They wanted to expand their business by opening more shops all over Hungary. To do this, they needed to increase work efficiency and transition from pen and paper to technology and cloud storage. They were looking for a software development company to help them achieve all this through business process digitization.

The project

The project consists of developing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for business process digitization and coordination, connecting all shops throughout the country and keeping track of all internal records. ​ While working on the project we had to keep in mind that most of their employees have no experience with digital technology. The application needed to be easy to use on a touch screen, following a logical display structure.

Technologies used

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The solution

We created an ERP system with all the core functions including retail process management, distribution planning, centralized data access, invoicing, billing and order management. This while keeping it very easy to use and navigate. ​ We also included some data collection features to visualize useful statistics and provide daily reporting. ​ All of this is implemented to work perfectly on a touch screen.

The customer profile features help the company's employees keep track of payments that need to be made, as well as the deadlines for each task. The reporting feature lets employees compile monthly reports for cash flow and completed tasks in only a few simple steps.

We also optimized their web application to work with a thermal printer by designing and implementing custom java printing service attributes. This allows employees to print out invoices on the spot, with only a click of a button.

Client growth

Using their new enterprise software system, RuhaDoki will be able to transition from pen and paper to digital. Business process digitization will allow them to have a more complete control over their work processes while greatly increasing time- and cost-efficiency. Also, company management will have full access to all business-related data and reports from anywhere, at any time of the day. ​

All of this will help RuhaDoki grow as a company, and open new shops all around the country. By digitizing their company, they gained the opportunity to really thrive as a business and reach their full potential.

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